Sunday, June 3, 2012

This or That

It's coming down to the lasts and as sad as that may seem it only means that a bunch of firsts are about to come! My last viscom project (hard to believe i just said that) was a 12 image series of our choice to add to our portfolio.

Since I'm obsessed with advertising and my campaign photography fell through (illustrations to come from that) I decided to do a campaign for Maybelline that compares their tools of the trade with tools from other trades. This campaign targets the makeup artists that treat their makeup as tools for their job. Others may work with power tools but these women, or men, work just as hard with their own set of power tools. I matched similar looking tools to accomplish this with a double page spread that could run in magazines. So to the fashionista workerbees: Which goes in your toolbox?

Enjoy the personalized campaign!

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