Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Owl Prodigy

My last post of work from undergrad at Ohio University! If you asked me fall quarter if I would be writing this today, I probably would have laughed and said that I might be dead by this point. However, I'm here and there is an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and joy! It is a miracle that I got to this point and am blessed by all of the people who helped me get here.

My project from my advertising class was a complete campaign for Tootsie Pop and I had shown you some basic ideas from the beginning campaign earlier. Well here is our completed project with storyboards, a microsite, a POP, games, online ads, and social media sites. This class has been my favorite class of undergrad and the start of my passion for advertising. From developing ideas to researching the target to the final presentation, I fell in love with the process of putting together a campaign. I hope that I can continue this passion in a career (which I have yet to be hired for but hey that's postgrad life for you!). A huge thank you goes out to my wonderful team who put our presentation together and encouraged my creativity through it all. I truly had the best group!

So, enjoy the ending of my undergrad story and look forward to the new chapter to come!

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