Monday, May 7, 2012

What a Hoot

Most people know my love for photography but I also have a second love for illustration! Here is my first illustration post to share with everyone. I'm in an advertising class right now and we are working on a campaign for Tootsie Pop. Our idea is to bring back the old "Mr. Owl" commercials with a new twist. Mr. Owl will be retiring and he needs a replacement. We will have 3 baby owls trying out to be the new face of Tootsie Pop. Here are my original illustrations for this project. I'll be creating scenes for them as well but right now this is what I have. I will be updating them as our campaign progresses! Enjoy a little hoot in your life.

Meet the dream team of Owl Prodigies!

TP the HipHop Hoot
Tricksy the Nerdy Nocturnal

Zeke the Sporty Owl

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