Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dunananah Bat Bride.... & Groom

I've come out of hiding, well at least it might seem like it. My life has changed a lot post grad and one of the most surprising parts is that I've been less photographic! With 3 part time jobs and living at the parent's house it leaves limited time for the leisure photography. I've also started another post grad blog at Check it out if you want some encouragement on your job search and find out how to find beauty in life even after college. With that said, my goal for February is to photograph my life more whether it is the small things or the large things I want to record it because someday I'll look back and laugh at this time in my life. That starts with this wedding!

This Batman Bride and Groom are new friends of mine from Pier One Imports (my part time job). If you can't tell from their wedding photos, they really really love Batman. Enjoy their epic photographs from one batfan to another.

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