Monday, August 15, 2011

The End.

As I think about my summer, it would be hard to not think about these kids that I have spent so much time with. I learned how to poured love, encouragement, and sometimes punishment on these kids over the course of the summer but more than that I learned a ton about my God through these kids. They taught me much more than I could have ever imagined at the beginning of this summer. As the Lord slightly nudged (or completely shoved) me to return home for the summer, I didn't quite know why he would want me in Medina, OH. How could such a small town help me to further my life? But after spending a summer with these kids, I see crystal clearly why He wanted me here. Along with an invaluable amount of knowledge I gained from Kate, I learned how childlike faith is something that I needed more of in my life. These kids live their lives with abandonment, fearlessness, and complete love. I've only known them for 7 weeks, but they have shown me so much love. Although at times I've come home exhausted, the most memorable thing about these seven weeks is the way I've seen the Lord through children. Sometimes we have no idea why God does the things that He does, but in the end He always has the best plan, always.

It maybe the end of summer camp, but my summer photography continues! I'm in out of state currently, but be prepared for some photos of the beach coming soon.

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