Monday, June 7, 2010

The Brik

So my new goal this summer is to update this blog at least every other day. I mean I have been taking pictures ever since I got to the city so why not share them with everyone as I experience them. Plus I want to look back on my summer and see exactly what I did almost every day. I don't want to miss a second of what is happening right now. So here are some pictures from yesterday and today. Yesterday we went on this amazing prayer tour throughout the city. These are some of the places and people we prayed for.

We prayed for you IIT!

White Sox Stadium

Then when we were on the tour we had to make a stop at the bean! So we took some random pictures there.

Our team at the bean

classic self portrait in the bean

Chicago Skyline!!

That was yesterday and today was my first day at work. We get settled into the office and then Ryan gave us our first mission as a team. Build a campaign for a..... brick? So we spent all day creating an awesome campaign for brik (a new workout tool!). It was amazing getting to take pictures for a purpose and not just for an assignment in class. It also was exciting to work as a team to create something ridiculous. Here are some of our ads!

I hope you enjoyed my latest adventures in the big city!

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